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I began my professional career in ocean cruising in 1995. However, it wasn't until 2012 that I discovered the hidden gem of the river cruise industry, becoming a part of the enthusiastic Danube River community at various events.

What captivated me about the European river cruise community was the authentic enthusiasm for destinations and the connections forged by rivers—historic conduits of culture and life. Despite the diverse representation of many countries, the rivers in Europe always symbolized cooperation and friendship. 

Since then, I've had the privilege of meeting incredible individuals representing the river cruise industry and learning from them. I developed a passion for this industry and I have taken immense pride in initiating beautiful partnerships with industry leading operators on behalf of Bancosta Cruise. 

In January, Bancosta Cruise was delighted to become a member of River Cruise Europe, a rapidly growing community representing the river cruise industry in Europe. We eagerly anticipate connecting with all representatives of this enthusiastic community soon.

Celebrating your special anniversary onboard a river cruise ship in Europe, surrounded by breath-taking backdrops could be a unique experience for you and your guests. You won't have to stress about driving; you can simply sit back and relax. River cruising is enriching, engaging, as well as relaxing.



The Rhine and Danube rivers have shaped European culture and history, serving as vital trade routes, fostering economic development, influencing borders and inspiring artistic and literary works for centuries.


Let's not forget the Douro River, integral to Portuguese identity, fostering wine production in the famous Douro Valley. 

The Seine River, flowing through Paris, a cultural and historical focal point for France.

Another marvellous river destination in France is The Gironde River Estuary, a confluence of the Garonne and Dordogne, cradles Bordeaux's scenic beauty. This UNESCO city, nestled amidst vineyards, boasts a captivating valley, historic wineries, and world-renowned wines.

While the Moselle River, winding through France, Luxembourg, and Germany, is famed for picturesque landscapes, medieval castles, and vineyards. It flows gracefully, enhancing the charm of riverside towns and wine regions.


Traversing Europe and beyond through river cruising unfolds as a tapestry of relaxation and enrichment. Recent experiences on mini cruise with our esteemed partners AmaWaterways and reaffirmed my belief that a river cruise is not just an event venue; it's an immersive experience waiting to be explored.

Unlike many ocean cruise lines where the ship itself is the destination, river cruising offers comfortable and cosy boutique hotels that take you to the heart of amazing destinations.

Cruising itself has been an incredible experience for me. You can hear people talking on the riverbanks, sense the smells from the surrounding environment, and almost "feel" part of the daily life in charming European villages and big cities.




For groups of 100-200 guests, chartering a cruise ship could be a fantastic option in terms of experience, quality, and price/value for corporate or private events. The ship will be entirely at your disposal, waltzing to picturesque destinations in the heart of Europe. River cruise ships dock right at the doorsteps of beautiful cities, eliminating the need for taxis or shuttle buses.

The multifunctional lounge on a river cruise ship serves as an ideal venue for presentations and group activities. Whether it's a sales meeting or a destination lecture, the adaptable space facilitates effective communication and engagement. It transforms effortlessly to accommodate diverse needs, fostering a dynamic and immersive environment for informative sessions and collaborative activities.

As evening falls, it seamlessly transforms into a sophisticated lounge bar, offering an entertainment area for guests to unwind and enjoy.

The upper deck on a river cruise ship unfolds as an expansive unobstructed area for sunbathing, scenic appreciation, and relaxed lounging while enjoying a refreshing drink. Many modern ships boast Jacuzzis or small pools, offering delightful refreshment. This open expanse transforms into the perfect setting for private receptions and engaging activities. 

Even for smaller groups of 30-50, the intimacy of a river cruise is unparalleled. Encouraged by our esteemed partners, we craft bespoke solutions to ensure your event is memorable, and your group has a great experience onboard.



A unique European experience awaits those who love to explore by bike. Imagine seamlessly transitioning from pedalling along the rivers to your river cruise ship—your floating hotel waiting to greet you at the next destination. Perfect for team building, it's an experience I would recommend to anyone.

For instance, biking along the Rhine River vineyards offers a scenic journey through picturesque landscapes, historic villages, and lush vineyards. Cyclists enjoy the charm of wine-producing regions, tasting local varieties amid stunning views.


The culinary journey aboard a river cruise ship is exciting. Collaborating with premium/luxury companies focused on delivering exceptional experiences, you will savor local wines and fresh ingredients sourced almost every day. This includes a variety of seasonal menus that also feature regional specialties. This aspect of river cruising with premium/luxury river cruise lines is truly special.



Celebrating your special anniversary onboard a river cruise ship in Europe, surrounded by breath-taking backdrops could be a unique experience for you and your guests. You won't have to stress about driving; you can simply sit back and relax. River cruising is enriching, engaging, as well as relaxing.

New generation river cruise ships offer spacious staterooms, wellness amenities, and cultural enrichment. Smart technology, eco-friendly practices, and personalized service enhance the luxurious and immersive guest experience.




From full ship charters to more intimate gatherings, we are committed to offering spectacular solutions for your company or private event. Our support extends beyond offerings – we provide valuable planning advice.

For full charters, we recommend planning well in advance; a minimum of 12 months to secure the best options. Although, I would suggest planning 18+ months ahead of your event, this will guarantee you and your group to have more options and better deals.

Contact us at for more information to receive tailor-made and extremely competitive rates with the best and most luxurious river cruise lines sailing in Europe.

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