harnessing 50+ years of experience from the banchero costa network for unparalleled services in the cruise world

Bancosta Cruise is the dedicated cruise division of bancosta (monaco) sam.

Based in Monaco, bancosta (monaco) sam is a member of the banchero costa network which has been in the ship brokerage business since 1968 and is one of the world-leading ship brokers.

The banchero costa network is present with 12 offices in 11 countries worldwide: Genoa (HQ), London, Geneve, Lugano, The Hague, Dubai, Singapore, Tokyo, Beijing, Seoul, Hong Kong and Tokyo offering a solid and qualified experience in the cruise sector and in-house synergies at the customer’s service.

Bancosta Cruise specializes in the following areas:

  1. Assisting clients in finding the perfect cruise ship to charter for corporate or private events of any type, as well as for long-term charters.
  2. Facilitating cruise ship sales and purchases.
  3. Providing marketing and advisory services to cruise industry suppliers and investors.

With a dedicated focus on these key areas, Bancosta Cruise offers comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of clients seeking charter services, ship transactions, and professional support within the cruise industry.

At Bancosta Cruise, we have established dedicated offices in two prominent locations in Europe that cater to the unique demands of the global cruise industry.

Our office in Monaco= bancosta (monaco) sam, the capital of the luxury cruise and yachting market.

Our office in The Hague= bancosta (benelux) bv, holds a strategic advantage due to its convenient position in the center of the continent.

The Hague is well-connected to major European cities and serves as a hub for the river cruise industry. Moreover, it provides proximity to prominent cruise and yacht suppliers, including shipyards and manufacturers.

This allows us to collaborate closely with industry partners, ensuring us the highest standards of quality and innovation.

In addition to our strong European presence, we also recognize the significance of the global cruise industry, particularly in North America, with Miami, United States serving as its capital.

As the headquarters for several renowned cruise brands, Miami embodies the dynamic and vibrant spirit of the industry. Our periodic visits to Miami allow us to immerse ourselves in the latest trends, innovations, and industry insights.

By staying connected to the pulse of the cruise world, we can continuously enhance the offerings we provide to our clients globally.

With dedicated offices in Monaco and The Hague, as well as regular engagements in Miami, Bancosta Cruise maintains a strong foothold in the luxury cruise, river cruise, and global cruise markets.

Bancosta Cruise has been a Diamond Executive Partner (2022) of the Cruise Lines International Association which is the main cruise industry organization and Member of River Cruise Europe since January 2024.

At Bancosta Cruise, our operations are led by Andrea Trevisan, a seasoned expert in the cruise industry with an extensive background spanning several years.

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