Do you have questions about our cruises or our services? Our frequently asked questions section probably contains the answers you are looking for. Check out the questions below to learn more about Bancosta Cruise. Is your question not among them? Then contact us and we will be happy to help.


  • When you are looking to charter an ocean, expedition, river cruise ship or cruise yacht of any size and destination for:

    • Long-term charters - such as could be tour and cruise operators looking for a ship for a season or for special itineraries
    • Short-term charters – for private and corporate events (full or partial ship group charters_
    • Special needs charters – such as movies or documentary productions, TV shows, using cruise ships as an accommodation floating hotel
    • Corporate events Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions (MICE) - i.e., group sales meetings, an event where you would like to invite your clients to spend quality time together, any kind of conference, incentives programs to reward your employees, and all types of exhibitions

    5. Themed cruise events - Some examples of chartering a cruise ship could be :

    • Using a cruise ship as a moving hotel for fans attending to large events spread around a certain area or in a specific destination (i.e. Fifa World Cup, Rugby, American Cup, Golf Tournaments, Formula 1 races and so on)
    • Hosting your favorite band or pop star for intimate concerts
    • Seminar of a religious or cultural group
    • Corporate branding event
    • Fashion shows
    • Specific associations where privacy and intimacy is required
    • LGBQT events
    • Much more…

    There is nothing better than a cruise ship and we can find just what you need for you event!

    6. Private group events - such as a wedding, a special anniversary, a gathering of friends…

    What is nicer than organizing a cruise with your loved ones. Nobody has to drive and you will spend amazing quality time together!

    We will find the right cruise ship or cruise yacht for you based on:

    • Your needs and wishes
    • The intended itinerary
    • The dates of your charter
    • Your budget

    We will make a selection for you, and we will also help you with the contractual negotiations with the ship-owner/cruises brand if needed (for larger cruise charter projects)

    • We have established direct connections with several prestigious cruise owners, we will seek the best deal for you and propose you some solutions for your needs
    • We will save a lot of your time and basically free of charge for you
    • We will support you with our expertises with the contractual negotiations with the ship-owners / cruise brands if needed (for larger cruise charter projects)
    • As part of the Banchero Costa Network, we have been in the ships chartering business since 1968 and we will deliver our experience to your service
    1. Fill up the contact form in our website or send us an email to with your basic needs and contact details
    2. We will contact you within 24hrs acknowledging your request
    3. If needed, we will try to understand better your needs and wishes
    4. We will contact on your behalf our network of cruise ship-owners / brands
    5. We will come back to you with one or more offers for your evaluation
    6. We will discuss with you the offer(s) and if you like one or more of them, we will help you in the chartering /booking process including the contractual negotiations with the ship-owner/cruise brand
    7. As an extra, we can offer you also insurances for your event if need it
    8. As an extra, we can offer also organizational support while on board the with our partners if you need it
    9. As an extra, if you need, we can offer you legal services from our network of partners (this mainly applies for large contracts /charters)
    • Luxury, premium and contemporary large cruise ships with >2000 cabins from full charters to small group charters (from 8 cabins and above)
    • Luxury and premium cruise ships of 300-500 cabins for full charters or group charters
    • Luxury and premium boutique cruise ships and cruise yachts from starting from 20 cabins and could accommodate all your friends and family or group
    • Luxury and premium expedition cruise ships
    • Luxury and premium river cruise ships in Europe, Asia and North America
  • Except for insurance, operational, and legal support (if required), as well as any other extras you may need from us, our chartering advisory services are provided to you at no charge. In some cases, if a significant amount of work is required to support you in the definition and offer stage of your project, we may request an advisory fee, which will be discussed and agreed upon with you beforehand.

    Bancosta Cruise will be compensated by the cruise brand that is awarded the contract, in the form of a commission. In fact, with our experience at your service, you may even be able to secure a better deal by involving us, as you will benefit from our expertise in commercial negotiations.

  • Anywhere in the world, in any ocean or river destination, from the Arctic to Antarctica with everything in between them, name an amazing destination and we will get you there! 

  • Some selected cruise lines we are proud to be working with for cruise Charters, Meetings and Incentives. The list is currently under development, and it will include more leading players. 

    However, we work with several other leading cruise lines as well, so our selection is not only limited to the cruise lines displayed in our website 


  • Bancosta Cruise is the dedicated cruise division of Bancosta (Monaco) S.A.M.

    Based in Monaco, Bancosta (Monaco) S.A.M. is a member of the Banchero Costa Network which has been in the ship brokerage business since 1968 and is one of the world-leading ship brokers.

    The Banchero Costa Network is present with 12 offices in 11 countries worldwide: Genoa (HQ), London, Geneve, Lugano, The Hague, Dubai, Singapore, Tokyo, Beijing, Seoul, Hong Kong, and Tokyo offering a solid and qualified experience in the cruise sector and in-house synergies at the customer’s service.

    Bancosta Cruise has been a Diamond Executive Member (2022) of the Cruise Lines International Organization which is the main industry organization.

  • We are officially based in Monaco and our offices are at the Gildo Pastor Center, 7 Rue du Gabian.

    Our main switchboard phone number is +377 9770 7497 from our office in Monaco (office hours). However, for the initial contact, we recommend using the contact form or email: for general enquires, for charter enquires and for sale and purchase inquires. 

    We mainly operate our cruise division from the representative office of The Hague (The Netherlands) and we are often traveling to North America and Europe to visit clients and cruise ships.


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